Frame by Frame Scanning of Your Regular 8mm and Super 8mm Silent Home Movies 

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About Frame Scanning

Frame scanning is the best film transfer method available for consumers. In frame scanning a "picture" is taken of each frame of your film. Special software receives these pictures and assembles them into video. Frame scanning offers the following advantages over other transfer methods:

     Even lighting across the entire frame. There is no "hot spot" in the center of the frame.

     Sharp, even focus from corner to corner.

     Because each frame is captured separately, your transfer will be completely flicker free.

     The projector transport system does not use sprockets, greatly reducing wear on your film.

     The lack of sprockets also allows for a more reliable transfer of physically damaged film.

About My Service

I am a one-man operation located in Huntsville, Alabama. This means that your film will receive personal attention that it likely would not receive from the high production transfer houses. Your film will be thoroughly cleaned and after transfer I perform a scene by scene picture correction. Additionally, I will be glad to work with you to ensure that you get the final product that you want.

Note: The frames on this page are from film shot around 1960 with an inexpensive regular 8mm camera. And yes, that's me.